Game Buttons
Auto Pick

The system randomly selects 10 numbers for you to play Keno.


Clears the numbers you have selected to play Keno.


Press the Play button to start the game. 


Game is playing in AutoPlay mode and displays the number of remaining games you have left to play.

Stop AutoPlay

Click this button to stop playing in AutoPlay mode. Gameplay will stop at the end of the current round. The number of remaining rounds is displayed inside the button. 

Note: If you have both AutoPlay and Turbo on, pressing Stop AutoPlay will stop the AutoPlay feature only.


Click to play the game in Turbo mode.


Exit the game and return back to the Game Lobby.

Real Balance

Your total balance amount (money you have deposited into your account).

  Total Win 

Displays the amount won in each game.

Number of cards =5, Bet amount = 2.
2 x 5 = 10
Total Bet = 10

Free Spin/Round Win

Displays the win amount in each free spin/free round.


Make a deposit, and add funds to your balance.  


Click the Menu button to view or change your Game Settings.

Bet Settings
  Total Bet

The total amount you are playing in this round. 

This is calculated by multiplying the number of cards played by the bet amount:


Select the amount of your bet. 

  • Increase the amount of the bet by sliding the toggle to the right. 
  • Decrease the amount of the bet by sliding the toggle to the left. 
  Back Button

Takes you back to the actual game.

Play Settings

This allows the random, automated system to play multiple games for you with the same settings.

Turn on Autoplay by sliding the toggle to your preferred number of games.

(Stop this at any time during the game by clicking the Stop AutoPlay button.)


· On – Turn Turbo on to make the game go quicker.

· Off – Turn Turbo off to play the game on the default speed.

Sound Settings

  • On – Turn the Sound on.
  • Off – Turn the Sound off.